Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Potential death hole

CJ Jimmy Leow noticed a potential danger if the water way is not covered to prevent people from falling into it. A potential death hole which requires immediate attention from the related authorities.

A child could easily fall into the hole and drown. Lets not have another tragic death, Penang has been many talented Penangites due to carelessness and she definitely don't need such publicity right now.

So, for all those parents taking their children for a stroll at the seaside near Queensbay Mall, stay away from this potential death hole (it is near the roundabout).

By the way, I have made a complain to PINTAS about this yesterday evening and hope that the state government can look into this soonest. Report No : 1003-5705 dated Mar 17, 2010.

Video by Jimmy Leow Beng Hock, Citizen Journalist